Replacing the T932B steering bracket bushings

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Good read, being I have to do this soon myself. But are you hitting on the tap itself to remove the bushing? I think I will screw a bolt in place, myself, and hit on that instead. Thank you for documenting these repairs, I feel they really do help myself and others as well.

Hi Chad, and thanks for the comments,

That’s a great point. I am not sure that I have any 7/8" NF bolts in my stash, but if anyone would I should. I will look for one and throw it in the box with all the other T932 parts for next time.

I had to hack saw mine out, I never thought of using a tap. Had I read this, I would have bought one. It would have been worth saving the hack saw hassel! But the steering shaft was worn ever so slightly and I was able to skip reaming. The fit is absolutely perfect.

I’m one of the next on the list to do this!
Great info.
What was the grade of brass back then?
Shoot, did I ask that right?
I have a couple of gorgeous brass slugs from work that will do the duty.
I need to re-read and look again at all of this.
Thanks Auto Inn!
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I installed a NOS steering bracket when I restored my '25 ten years ago. I’ve tried to turn the grease cup several times, and have come to the conclusion I failed to check the upper bushing when I installed it to see if the hole was drilled! Oh well, it will be fine for a while, but at some point I’m going to have to remove it and drill that hole! What a pain!

The early steering column bracket used one long bushing. My '13 still has this bushing, so I’m assuming the brackets prior to 1913 had a one piece bushing too. I just checked my original well used 1914 parts book, and it says the long bushing was still being used.