Replacing triple gear pins

I’m trying to make a couple good flywheels from 3. Is there anything special I should f do to facilitate removal of the old pins? These flywheels were on transmissions I bought at Chickasha and one loose flywheel that I bought locally.
To get the magnet clamp screws out after grinding the peined ends I heated them up and let them cool and it seemed to help. The pins are a press fit so I don’t know if that would help or should I just press them out? I usually start with complete engines but this time I’m starting with 2 transmissions and a short block.

Corey I just press them out cold. Typically you are replacing a worn pin otherwise there would be no reason to remove them. New bushings are better set at really loose end of the tolerance. Tight bushings usually end up with spun pins.

I’ve never replaced them before but I guess these transmissions sat somewhere where they got wet and the pins are pitted pretty good. I’ve got a #14-24 tap coming so I can chase the magnet clamp screw threads. I’ll order those pins this week and see if I can find 6 more good magnets so I can at least get one together. It’ll be a while before I need the other one. Thanks.

Corey, be sure to drive them down from the triple gear side with a lead hammer if you have one if not use a 3 LB sledgehammer with a drift but be careful you strike clean and straight. If you don’t you can crack the flywheel and it’s no good then. I also put the crankshaft bolts in to minimize the voids which can cause a crack if your not careful but that’s just me. When you get the new pins chuck them up in the lathe and polish them. Then drive them in from the crankshaft side. You’ll be glad you did. Also use brake clean when you chase the threads for the brass screws. If I can help let me know. Best John

I never thought about putting the bolts in but that’s a good idea. I just got the tap today. I’ll have to see if I have those bolts or I’ll have to order some with the pins since I bought loose transmissions they didn’t have the bolts. Thanks.

I always buy greasy transmissions so I don’t typically deal with rust issues. Had not thought of that but guess it can happen.

That #14-24 tap is also the thread of the four bendix cover screws in the hogsheads that provide for a starter.

That’s good to know as well because I may put a starter on this one (speedster). I’ve never had one before.
Royce, I don’t think I’ll buy another rusty one. Once you pull the clutch disc drum then you have to figure out how to get the rest of it apart when it should just slide right off.