Restored HCCT Ac Ammeter

Weston hand cranked coil tester meter. Used on Ford, Ford clone and a few other HCCT’s. Very hard to find especially in this condition. Meter has internally disassembled, cleaned, restored and calibrated. $350 plus appropriate packing, shipping and Insurance. Ron Patterson 859-881-1677 11AM to 4PM EST When I am in the shop. If no answer please leave message indicating you are calling about the HCCT meter and I will return your call.

That’s a nice one Ron. Is Jewell and Weston the same company?

Jewell and Weston were two different companies.
Weston was the high quality panel meter of choice for rough service applications.
Jewell was a lesser quality meter for everyday use.
Both are good choice meters for HCCT’s.
The Weston meter shown above is a full-up restoration and calibration by Bob Cascisa.

That is right, they are two different companies. Very helpful topic