Round tube vs. Flat tube

I heard back from the shop and my radiator is toast. The upper tank has several cracks and the core is tragic. When I told the technician how much a brand new radiator costs, I was told that getting a new one was the least costly route, so there we go.
I don’t understand how a radiator can wear out from not being used—she ran when she was parked 30 years ago—but there’s no arguing with all the visible leaks and all the coolant leaking on the garage floor.
So my question is, do I want a flat core or round core replacement?
Flat cores are supposed to be more efficient, but round cores are original.
Flat cores are a bit less expensive and in stock, while round cores are more costly, and they’re built to order.
Plus, I can pick up a flat core locally (kind of) from Chaffins saving freight costs.

Since the T is going to be a driver, I’m leaning towards a flat core, but since I have a lot of respect for you guy’s experience, I thought I’d ask here for your opinions first.

Personally I want performance and care little about judging. YMMV.

This sounds right to me! I’ll order one next month.

I second Auto Inn’s comment.

I would add do not, repeat do not get rid of the old radiator. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

I won’t. I’ll give it a place of honor on the wall of my garage.
New radiators are back ordered and it might be a month or longer before I can get one, so I’ll be plumbing the mystery of the gasoline leak in the meanwhile.
It’s a good thing that there are still ten more months before 2025!

I found a new one on eBay, a Brassworks, still in the box. ETA March 9

Has the new radiator been delivered and installed? If so, how goes it?

p.s. a gentle reminder - don’t forget the antifreeze.