Royce - Hope you are OK.

Hope you and your family are not being harmed by Harvey.
Out thoughts and prayers are with all of Texas.

Bob Cascisa
Poulsbo, WA


My sister has a house in Galveston. We hope we don’t have to say “had” when this is over. She and her family are safe in Minnesota right now.
My niece and 2 nephews are in Houston where the mayor told everyone to hunker down. Hope that works out, prayers are needed for sure because it looks very bad right now.

Prayers out Royce. From what I see on the news it s awful.

Hope everything works out great for your family and you Royce.

Happy motoring,


Hope all is a well. It’s terrible down there.

Prayers go out to your sister & her family. Hope her house will be there when they get back, and not too much water damage. So many people are going to have to literally rebuild their houses on their own, with no flood insurance to help. Looks like Dallas is somewhat spared, but the Gulf shore area, wow, they really need help. My former '15 so far is squeaking through dry, down in Santa Fe. God bless everyone.


I was assuming you were safe in Dallas, I didn’t think about your sister. I hope all turns out well.

Tom M.

Hope this finds you and your family safe and well.
Watching from the other side of the world via the news services the situation looks bad.
One can only imagine what you are experiencing.
Stay safe and best wishes.