Rubber Valve Stems

I was cleaning out the back seat in my '13 touring, and found a NOS Made in USA 30x3 Firestone tube that was probably made in the 1960’s when Firestone was still making tires for antique cars in the USA. The rubber stem says Schrader 35 on it, and slides easily through the felloe in a round felloe wheel. So what happened? I’ve mentioned to Coker and Universal and Lucas this problem often, and although courteous when I confront them with the problem, I doubt if they’ve ever contacted Schrader to see if those stems are still available. The stem, and another I cut from a Wards Riverside tube are exactly the same size, approximately .580 or 37/64". About ten years ago, I started converting all my cars to original metal valve stems that I’ve been picking up at swap meets for years. Some of you may have seen the article I wrote for the Model T Times recently on that subject. I still have one car to go. I just don’t feel like removing five tires just to put in metal valve stems at the moment!

I recently bought a '15, that had some USA made Firestone tubes in the back seat. The tubes were converted to original Schrader metal 777’s at some point. They sure are nice thick well made tubes. I wish they still made them in the USA like they once did.