Short bands? 26 T

I am trying to reinstall my bands. I have the reverse and brake in place but I cannot pull the ends up far enough to run the washer and nut on. It is like they were too short which is obviously not the case.

One possibility is that one of the bands is out of position on the bottom (where you can’t see it) and is overlapping another. Do one band at a time (reverse first and make sure it clears the flange on the edge of the reverse drum, then low, then brake) and get the washer and nut on each before moving to the next.

Another is that the bands have “spread” too much, and don’t reach around easily. You can try to fish for the ends with a piece of wire, etc. (it’s hard to do this and hold them in position long enough to get the washer and nut on). Better yet, pull them off and bend them in some. Be sure not to put a kink in them, which tends to happen at the rivet points, because the band will then have high and low points and tend to drag more. It’s possible to straiten kinks, but tedious.

Be sure that you have the removable ears on the pedal side (which is opposite on RH drive cars!)

There are two band changing tools available; one holds all three bands in place prior to putting the hogshead on, which is possible to install after the HH is on as well.

The second is a hand tool to hold the nut from getting away, but I’ve never had success using it. I have had much success in dropping nuts, washers, and tools in the tranny - be sure to stuff it heavily with rags to make that (less) likely to happen, and I recommend the dental floss trick to tie the washer and nut up so they don’t fall in during installation.

I don’t know of any difference in process between 26-27 bands and earlier ones, except they are guaranteed to be the removable ear type. They are still a pain, with hogshead on or off.

Ford claimed that removable ear bands could be changed in 44 minutes (I think), but most people need several hours.

Good luck!


Thanks Stan. That is most helpful. I put the whole process on hold but should
get on it again this weekend.

I find that it is often necessary to use ty wraps to secure the bands in place. Tie dental floss to the washers and nuts so they can’t be dropped. The other end can be tied to the steering wheel.

Thanks. Good suggestions.

Well thanks to the suggestions, I have finally been able to get the reverse band installed. I have attached a photo to show it. It will require adjusting once everything is together. Out of curiosity as it sits now, the spring is not engaged. It only does so when the pedal is pressed.

I have included some photos of the slow speed band. Since it is out I wondered about the condition of the lining. It probably not entirely clear from the photos. I installed this band with a new lining back in the 70s. I have had the car in storage for the last 20 years and have just got it out again after all that time. I included a photo of the linings I bought at the time. The price at that time was $37.20. Obviously will be more today. I corresponded with Langs and they said they would sell me the one lining. I hate to think of the price. I am thinking that since I have the band out, it may be worth the effort to install a new lining now.

Well I now have a new lining for the slow band so I can replace the old lining. The old one was cotton but the new is kevlar. Interesting on some of the videos they start riveting differently. Some start at an end and work their way around. Another rivets the ends first and then forces the lining to the shape of the ring.

The second method you mention is the correct way, set the ends of the band material to stick beyond the end of the steel by around 1/8 to 1/4 inch, then rivet the ends first, then force the lining into the shape of the ring. The legs of the rivets should go crossways across the band.

Others may have different methods, but I choose to seal the ends of the band material with some superglue to keep the material from unraveling on the ends.



Got the lining on today. After the first 2 rivets things went smoothly. With the help of my grandson, we tried to install the band with no success. The reverse is installed and the brake is in but not installed. We were unable to install the slow band. When we pushed the band tool in it tended to get caught up with the brake band. The brake band does not want to sit on its drum but move onto the slow band’s drum. The band too would overlap the brake band. We were unable to solve the problem today. Maybe the next day.

The only way the bands will fit is to install the brake band first, the Low band second, and the reverse band last.

We managed to get the band in almost. As you can see in the photo, the slow band is in to a point where the lug is almost where it should be but I still need to attach the lug so the band needs to move around further. I can see the end of the band but it is stuck. It needs to be pulled the rest of the way around so somehow I am going to have pull it up.