Space City T's - Tax Day Tour

Space City T’s in Houston, Texas, kicked off the Spring touring season Sunday with a one day tour to the Sam Houston National Forest in deep East Texas. It’s in the Piney Woods about fifty miles north of Houston. The tour was about 67 miles of driving through some beautiful pine and hardwood forests on an assortment of paved, dirt and gravel roads. Peter Adey laid out our routes and did a great job of leading us through a labyrinth of Forest Service roads.

Nice parking area for the trailers behind a Chevron truck stop in New Waverly, Texas, next to I-45. Plenty of room to unload and crank up.

It was cold for us (50 degrees when we unloaded) but warmed up to low seventies after lunch. Gorgeous day to say the least. Everything is green now and the flowers were just great. You can see we were bundled up to start the day but shed jackets as we went. There were only two closed cars but they soon had their windows down!

We cranked up and headed into the woods.

We started off on some good Texas Farm to Market roads and got into the Sam Houston National Forest in about seven miles. We did have a floor starter switch that decided to “explode” and after a bit of duck tape, a short delay, and on through the woods.

We stopped on a crossing of Lake Conroe for some photos but the wind was blowing like crazy. My passenger in the '14 touring claimed there was nothing between us and Canada! I agreed.

Chilly for sure but it warmed up…

We got a very good dose of dirt and gravel roads on our way to lunch at the Montgomery Steak House in Montgomery, Texas.

There was some paved roads as we came out of the woods and actually a welcome site. The unpaved roads were very maintained and Peter had done an excellent job of laying the route out. Just a few potholes here and there but as good a gravel road as could be.

We had a rain as the cold front blew through last week so there was almost no dust either. Nice slow driving and my car loved it!

Model T’s all over Montgomery, Texas. I hadn’t been there in years. Great lunch and all sorts of shops and such. Bicycle and motorcycle groups all around.

Back into the WOODS after lunch until we met up for the run back to the trailers.

Great day and the cars ran fine. In addition to the “exploded” starter switch, we did score one flat on a two door and one hanging muffler.

A coat hanger was obtained from a camper and the wayward muffler was secured.

Loaded up and headed back to civilization. Fine day and very well planned. Thank you Peter!

Looks like a beautiful day to run through the woods.