Speedster alternator

I have an alternator on my speedster that has crapped out again. I have heard this is due to the high temperatures when the alternator is bolted directly to the engine and has no fan. So I have resorted to using a trickle charger which I plug in when I get home.

My speedster starts easily, the starter does not have to be engaged for long. All the lights are LED so they draw little current. I am considering removing the alternator and just charging the battery with the trickle charger when I park it. On a normal trip for groceries etc. I might have to start the engine four times, which I figure the battery can easily do without charging in between.

So it seems to me that I should be able to remove the alternator and put a block off plate in its place. Then just use the trickle charger like I have to do already. Does that make sense?

If one has a functioning magneto, it is said that a diode like a 1N4007 in series with a 1156 light bulb, connected to the MAG post will provide enough output to keep a battery charged. Will lash this up real soon to try it out and will report back. Anyone had experience with this?

Am using a 12-V/12-ah non-spill lead acid battery on my non-starter/generator Model T for hand-crank starting, switching to MAG after start. At present, LED turn signal lights are being installed. On the bench, the LED lights draw 100-ma when lit so my 12-V battery should last for months whether or not the diode from the MAG post works or not.
Dave H.
Saugus, CA

Nice ride! I had to put resistors in parallel with my turn signals because the LED lights did not draw enough to make the flasher work.

Thanks for that resistor-tip. I did latch on to an LED flasher and am waiting on motorcycle front amber LED turn signal lights from ebay to add to the LED’s already mounted for the rear lights. It the flasher doesn’t work, I’ll experiment with resistors to load the circuit down a bit. Dave