Speedster Nomenclature

I have been told by someone in the hobby whom I have great respect for that my 1924 Model T Speedster is NOT a Model T.

It has a Model T title, frame, engine, transmission, rear, and wheels. The body is home made of wood. The steering box is VW. It has a distributer, an alternator, and a water pump. And I put disc brakes on the rear for safety and I plan to install lots of LED lights, turn signals, etc. So, it is definitely not 100% T, it has been upgraded for use on today’s roads as a daily driver.

I would like to be accurate when I tell someone what it is, but when I go into all those details most people’s eyes glaze over. They don’t want to hear all that, they just want a simple year, make, and model. So when someone asks me what is it, what term should I use? Jalopy? Hybrid? Johnny Cash car?

I would continue to call it a model t speedster. If someone gives you grieve just politely smile. It’s one of those things, can’t please everyone and you didn’t build it for everyone :slight_smile: If a speedster has a model t engine, axles, frame then it’s still a model t. Just not the way Henrys boys built it. It’s the way Tom Hicks built it.

It is YOUR car…call it what you will. The purist snoots infect all levels of car interest. The most mundane and cheapest of all vehicles of it’s era should NOT be an object of snootiness. Is there a T that has not been modified, whether period or modern? Are the tires exact copies of the originals? Gosh that’s not a Model T, the tires are not correct. How silly.

I concur with both previous replies … it’s your rig, and you’ll never
make 100% of the observers happy with what you call it. Call it
whatever you please. I tend to call my junk by less-than-adoring
names and let people think/say what they will. Call it a “POS” or
a “rolling scrap heap” and you will more than likely get pushback
that it is cool and they like it. The haters will always hate. Don’t
worry about them.