Speedster Wheel Identity.

Hi everybody.
I am very new to the model t scene but eager to participate and learn. I hope someone here can help me identify it’s wheels. My speedster started it’s life as a 1913 chassis and now has a 1923 motor. It has a Paco model 22 body. It has been in running order its whole life. I’ve looked through the forum but fail to see any of its wheels. They have 48 spokes and are 30 X 3 1/2.
HAPPY NEW YEAR Gratefully, Dick Menke

Those are Dayton wheels as the hubcaps state. The company is still in business and will still respoke or re - rim those wheels for a price of course.


Oh jeez I didn’t look there. Next question is can I purchase a couple of spokes? I have 1 broken spoke. I have been lacing and trueing motorcycle wheels for years so don’t feel too much of a challenge. Perhaps a recommended spoke torque too. I will be contacting Dayton for a catalog right away. Thank you so much.
Dick Menke

Dayton will sell you spokes. They may want an example to copy.

Thank you. I will call them Monday and see what I need to do. Dick Menke