Starting Issues

I just bought a 1927 Ford Model t. When I got the car last week the starter seemed to work. Now I just starts to turn for a second and stops. I have a new battery had the starter out and checked and they said the starter was good does anyone have any suggestions. Also, how hard is it to start using the Magneto

The magneto needs more speed to start so it’s typically not for the novice. Also everything needs to be pretty much perfectly set to start a T on magneto. Coils properly set, timer properly set and timing properly set and proper technique - it happens with regularity and is easy.

Generally the starter is the same way - proper size battery and starter cables, proper terminals on those cables on each end, a good starter switch and / or a starter solenoid, and a good 6V battery combined with a good starter will start every time with ease.

It turned out my new battery cells exploded inside. New battery now cranks but doesn’t start. What turned out to be a dream car is a big pain. The problem is I don’t know anyone in the area toreach out to.

Maybe join a local T club? I’ve not heard of a battery cell exploding - how does that happen?