Stolen 1915 Huckster - Watch for it!!!!!

Got this message this morning - please help if you can.

Good evening,

I’m reaching out to all clubs listed on a model t club page that I found. A couple weeks ago my elderly grandfather with dementia had his 1915 model t stolen along with a double axle cargo trailer with an expired North Carolina plate on it. The trailer housed the car. A man with the last name Weeks came into their home and took the vehicle, trailer, and a spare crank engine from them without payment. This is a very deceitful man and if by chance anyone in the club knows who the Weeks is and how to find/get in touch with him my family would be more than appreciative. Weeks traveled to my grandparents’ home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and scurried out without payment. I will attach a photo of the car. My number is (225) 747-6026. Any help tracking down this thief would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Calli East