Stromberg 0F carburetor- info - parts

I am using a Stromberg 0F carburetor on our 1924 Touring Car.
Runs great and works well.
Just cannot get the needle float valve needle to seal well. And tired of crawling underneath to shut valve off if stopping for more than 10 minutes.
Looking for information or parts that I can change the needle and seat. Maybe find a Viton needle replacement.
Thank you all.

Try contacting Scott Conger via the MTFCA forum.

I have talked with Scott about this. At this time he is not making any parts to sell. Only for his own use.
Possibly in the future he may offer some.
I have a good machine shop to build what I can design and test.
Was hoping someone was already doing the design and testing and I would be glad to pay them for their time.
Thank you for mentioning Scott.

You will have to turn the original needle to make it concentric. No aftermarket parts are available.

Hi All,
Update for those following,
Removed needle and seat.
Carefully weighed needle and recut tip and polished on lathe, weight change was barely changed.
Cleaned seat and did the same to keep in proper alignment.
Used fine polishing compound and seated the two to match.
Reset float height by trial of too high running out of carb and kept lowering needle every half hour until it stayed dry. Then did A’s one old carb guy said - lowered needle 1 1/2 turns more to get the 1” below lip of bowl level.
Let it sit for 24 + hours to test and it worked great.
No more drippy nose.
Thanks to all that offered advice.

Glad you got it fixed. They are great running carbs.