Stuck clutch and metal part in transmission

Hello! Looking for help with my 1927 Model T. I recently took over care for the family Model T which was renovated by my grandfather-in-law in 50s. I am not very mechanically inclined but am learning! The T has been running great (take it out every week) but when I took it out last week I was getting a lot of vibration and the front end was shaking, especially in high gear. Turned around to head back home. When I tried to start after being stopped at a light, car lurched forward and died. Clutch pedal doesn’t seem to be doing anything. It has an electric starter and if I try to start it, no matter what I do with the clutch pedal or handbrake, it starts to roll forward because it seems to be stuck in gear. Got a push because I was in the middle of a major road and was able to start at once moving but had that horrible shake. Some point in there it heard kind of a metal chunking sound-never good! Just pulled the cover off of the transmission and in the filter area under the first panel found this very large piece of metal the bar. Well large for being in a transmission. It’s about an 1 3/4" long and is 5/8” in diameter and feels very solid. It looks like one end has been sheared off. This is definitely not something that I want in my transmission! I don’t have any idea where it came from though so I don’t know what to look at ways to try to repair it. Any ideas or suggestions? Saw something on one forum about a triple gear busing pin? Help!

Looks like a triple gear pin to me, you are in for an engine pull and a major learning experience! If you don’t already have the Model T Ford service manual and the MTFCA engine and transmission booklets, you would be wise to get them to help as you dive in. :slight_smile:

Yes time to pull the engine. It appears the transmission has big problems. You might do well to spend the money on an engine / transmission rebuild.

Thank you all so much! I was afraid it might be that. Quite the adventure!