The 1911 Model T Ford Part 1 - the New Runabouts

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The open runabout is simply my favorite model t! I’m sure the torpedo and runabout have inspired thousands of speedsters! I know it has mine :smiley:

Thanks Royce for the great article on the 1911 Torpedo and Open Runabouts! I own a 1911 Open Runabout and even though it’s a “put to gether” of correct period mechanical parts and Rootleib body/fenders, I still feel lucky to have it. Since the photos below were taken, I have found a correct “potato” horn for it and have a set of gray tires that need to be installed. I have also have a “correct”??? tool box for it like the ones used on the 1912 version, but at this point, knowing that it never came from the factory with a trunk, I’m not going to install it and just leave it on the shelf for the cars next caretaker.

As a side note, the car is a very dark blue and unless it is in bright sunlight, it appears almost black. That is part of the reason the photos above have a big variation in the color of the car.

Roger thank you for the kind words. Your car is one of the few restored cars that I can look at and not find much of anything that I would change to make it better. Thank you for sharing the photos!