The 1911 Model T Ford Part 2 - Details, Improvements and Changes

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Great stuff on the 1911 model year. It was indeed a year of great change. I’m the proud owner of an original, mostly unrestored early 1911 Ford Model T Touring car. Car equipment matches the build sheets and is “numbers matching”: Engine number (374XX) matches brass body plate and body serial number stamped on front wood seat riser matches the serial number on the build sheet. Car assembled February 6, 1911 with engine casting date of 12/02/10. Car exhibits many 1910 features including: Open valve engine, wider one piece engine pan, wider square hole transmission cover (both noted in writing on build sheets), one piece front spindles, 6 rivet rear end. The body ( blue in color per build sheet) is also only clad in sheet steel on the seating sections/doors with the lower part of the body wood without steel cladding. The build sheet has “Metal” written in next to body type on the build sheet. I offer these things up as a potential help to those are restoring an 1911 Ford and are trying to understand what might be correct for their particular S/N. A few months later in production and most of the above is no longer correct. Thanks again for a great site

Nice article, Royce. However, I wish you would make a point of clarifying the difference between model year and fiscal year.