The 1911 Model T Ford - Part 3 More Details

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Another nice article about the 1911 car.
In July 1911 the hubcaps were changed to include the ring around the outer edger.
Most people put way too much pin striping on 1911 cars. On the touring cars there is no pin striping on the chassis, fenders, or below the doors. The pin stripe on the hood runs up along side of the radiator, along side of the center hinge, then down along side of the firewall. There should NEVER be “boxes” on the hood.

Some pin stripers had different styles of handiwork. At the beginning of 1911 model year pin striping was far more profuse than at the end of the 1911 model year on September 30, 1911.

Here’s an illustration, made from a photo, that is in the Benson Ford Archives. Notice that there is pin striping below the doors and the pin striping on the hood is in fact boxed.

I totally agree with you that having pin striped boxes on the hood is not what we typically find, however it seems that Ford had some pin stripers who did this at least some of the time.