The 1913 Model T Ford

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A great piece! Thank you for that. It even answered a few questions I had.

Very informative - thank you. I’m still digging into the 1913 Canadian differences…

I noticed at least two examples of windshields with equal halves in the above photos. One of my '13s has this type of windshield, and is not common. Mine is made by Rands.

I think I mentioned is another article, that there is no manufacturers mark on any 1913 hubcap. There appears to have been two different companies supplying hubcaps, and they both have a far larger F in the script than the 1914 and later hubcaps, which also have a larger F.

I read on the MTFCA forum this morning that 1913 Fords had a brass top prop nut. I believe that statement is incorrect. In fact no Model T ever had a brass top prop nut except for some of the early 1909’s.