The 1919 - 1922 Model T Ford

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My favorite T Model is our 1922 touring. It’s a low radiator/hood model but what may set it apart aside from turning 98 years old this year is that it has a steel firewall. It’s factory and not something cobbled up out of a later firewall. I haven’t been able to find anything more than a mere mention of a steel firewall for ’22 in Bruce McCalley’s book or elsewhere. Has anyone any light to shed on this steel firewall matter?

Tom Bauer, just south of the Mason-Dixon Line in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

Ford sold replacement steel firewalls in the late 1920’s that fit the earlier wooden - firewalled Fords. It was easier and cheaper than continuing to make wood firewalls.

That must explain the steel firewall on my 21 touring. I had wondered if someone had just made a later model one fit when it was originally restored, but it didn’t look cobbled up installation!

Found a great photo of a 1919 - 22 Model T pickup conversion in progress. Enjoy!
1921 model t ford touring making a pickup buenos aires.jpg

This image shows Smith’s Casino parking lot. Miami Beach, 1921.
model t ford florida 1921.jpg