The General Store of days gone by

We have here a period photo of a general store in the eastern Kentucky mountains. In the heyday of deep mines Wheelwright shipped its fair share of coal if not more.

The roadster looks to be a ’26 or ’27 while the T Model captured face forward may be mid-20s. I have noticed in many contemporary photos a T Model is missing one or both of the headlight rim and lens assemblies. What passed for roads, not just in the eastern Kentucky hills, apparently took their toll as all the bouncing and vibrations loosened the parts and they went by the wayside.

The wagon at the left is not a derelict. Poor roads led to wagons being commonplace into the late 40s and not unheard of into the 60s.

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Wheelwright is a coal town in far Eastern Kentucky. The mine closed in the 1970’s and most of the population left. Sad place.