The Model T Ford Hubcap

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I have a number of original hubcaps from the late 1912-1917 period. I have a mint 1917 nickel plated hubcap with the black background. A portion of the black paint is coming off, and it is brass underneath. It still has the high F.

On one of the photos showing the high F hubcap, the one on the right is a '13, and the left is a '14-16 style. Notice not only is the F higher in '13, but is fatter to. I’ve been studying '13s for over 50 years, and this is my conclusion. I have no documented proof.


Ford used the high F hubcaps into 1917, with nickel plating and of course a black background as was used on all hubcaps from about 1912 - 20. There were likely more than one supplier so there might be both types of caps being used in some years. As far as documentation goes if you have a photo from a certain year that shows what you describe and then you restore the car that way no one can say that you are wrong.
Ford factory photo September 1914 new runabout.jpg

Here’s a set of ALEMITE Accessory Aluminum Front Hubcaps that allow you to grease the wheel bearings without removing the hub cap.

I don’t believe any reproduction hubcap has a manufactures symbol at the bottom. I believe the one above you are referring to is an original.

Yes, the text in the article is referring to the “B” on this original 1917 - 20 hubcap.

I have an original 1917 nickel plated hubcap in my collection. It is mint, and a small amount of black paint is flaking out of the center showing brass beneath it. It still retains the high F in the script too, like a '15.

Here is a picture of a mint used 1917 hubcap. Note, there is no plating under the black paint, indicating to me that the black was applied before the nickel.

I’m posting some new photos of early hubcaps from my collection. Like Royce, I’ve been studying this subject for many years. I’ve arrived at my conclusions from this after looking at many documented original untouched cars. You will not find this information at the archives either.

I am still trying to get used to Royces system. Here are some more photos;

I’ll give it another try. I’m still learning how to do this!

Great pics Larry, thanks for posting them! :slight_smile: