The new bridge over the Whitewater River

The caption wasn’t much help. It merely stated “NEW BRIDGE WHITEWATER RIVER HARRISON OHIO”. Harrison is a few miles west of Cincinnati. The Model T looks to be in very good shape, perhaps very close to new, so would assist in dating the photo but enlargement efforts for a better look at the license plate failed to help. I’d venture a SWAG it’s a ’13 but I’m betting a viewer can nail it. Interestingly the state line between Ohio and Indiana runs down one of Harrison’s main streets. On one side you have Harrison, OH and on the other you have West Harrison, IN. Furthermore, Indiana didn’t recognize daylight savings time which Ohio did, until a few years ago so many families kept two sets of clocks when DST was in effect.

I believe you are correct on the 1913 touring.
The straight support rod suggests the forward folding 1913 windshield.

Great photo.