The ol' switcheroo

The main hold up in getting dad’s T on the road for her 100th birthday in 2024 is getting it out of the garage. Another inoperative old car was blocking the way so they needed to switch places i the garage.
Today my athletic son, home for the holidays, helped me out.
The first car got pushed out of the garage and off to one side of the driveway, which is long and steep,so it’s not getting the cars out, but getting them back into the garage in order that takes enthusiasm.
At last we got the T out and hosed the dust off both cars, swept out the garage floor
and used a come along and two tow chains to finesse both cars back into the garage with the T easily accessible. A threatening rainstorm provided extra motivation to git 'er done.

As close as I can tell, this is the first time in 30 years that these cars have in daylight!
The next job will be puttng the T back on jack stands, charging the battery with a nifty new trickle charger and making a minor repair to an old jerry can so I can give her five gallons to start the party, all projects suitable for rainy days in the now much cleaner garage.
My son is extra excited to learn to drive his grandfather’s T.


Sounds exciting. I have to wait until 2026 for a100th celebration. Enjoy.

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