The Ruckstell Two Speed Axle

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This is great info, but the 4 bolts on the left of the bottom picture are safety wired backwards. If you’ve worked on military aircraft you become sensitized to checking safety wire.

The bolts are wired together - not safety wired. The heads tend to shear off, the safety wire keeps the head from becoming entangled in the other parts.

I am a licensed A&P and IA (retired). The bolts are not safetied but rather wired as they were originally. Ruckstell used copper wire, I used aircraft stainless safety wire because it is what I had. If this were a military aircraft - something which I spent years working on at USAF bases all over the world - this would have been done in an aircraft style.

For some reason Glen failed to manufacture the fiber thrust washer that Ruckstell used. I wonder why? He offers steel shims to replace it. I have used fiber washers in my cars and haven’t an issue. I had a bunch of fiber washers made. The originals are .110", and mine are .125, so they have to be surfaced to fit you application. A lot of original Ruckstell’s have worn somewhat in this area so may require a thicker washer. Comments?