Tin Lizzie or Tin Leaker?

I jumped the gun trying to get my T started by giving her her fluids.
Then the coolant leaked out of the radiator (old story)
This morning we smelled gasoline in the laundry room.
The hot water heater is in a closet off the laundry room so this is a dangerous situation.
I opened the door which leads to the attached garage and sure enough, a huge puddle of gasoline was under the T, so I opened the garage door and grabbed a garden hose, and…tripped, making a head plant on the cement curb.

I did eventually get the gas hosed out of the garage, the bleeding stopped and the fumes blown out of the house. I checked the gas tank and she was empty.
I think I’d put in only one or two gallons.

I can only hope the hogshead/oil pan don’t decide to take a holiday as well.
We’ll see.

That means something is wrong with your fuel system. In a typical Model T the entire fuel system is made from metal so the only thing that can go wrong is the gravity fed carburetor. Most of us install a shut off at the carburetor so we don’t have to get under the car to turn the gas off.