Took my T to a car show

Went to the car show at Beach Store, or Spencer’s Store depending. Mostly cars from the '50’s and the guys who drove them in high school. Lots of nice people and great conversation. It is amazing the knowledge these guys have of their generation of cars. Only one T.

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One piece of advice I picked up, from an older fellow - Model T’s are supposed to be black.

Is that a Stromberg 97 on the T?

Stromberg, yes. I don’t know the details on it, it works, so I have not messed with it at all. I am fairly new to T’s. I just got the car on the road a couple of weeks ago and I am figuring out how to drive it. Two guys who know T’s tell me “It is not a T”, and “It runs strong”.

That is a great carburetor.
Probably a 97. Under the throttle control in your pictures, you should see a small “31/32” in the casting. Also, most are marked “97” on the other side of the carburetor on the main body. There is a little earlier model 48 which looks almost identical that was used by Ford on the '34-'35’s that have slightly larger barrels.

I have a 97 on the bench I am rebuilding today. Spare for the stock 21-stud flathead V8 in my '35 Ford Cabriolet. I’ve had that car for more than 42 years and these carbs are really pretty much trouble-free. I do run a small fuel filter in front of it to keep out the trash. Some very small fuel passages in that carb.

Thanks for the info, good to know. The #1 thing I know about carburetors is I HATE to work on them. Too many small parts and I have fumble fingers. I suspect the carb is one of the reasons she “runs strong”. I use a fuel filter with all of my carbs. No problems as long as you change them once a year, and they do keep the carb clean so it does not need rebuilding. I really like the fact that you say they are relatively trouble free. I hope it stays that way!