Top of the grapevine highway, Topanga Canyon summit

The last photo is the screen saver on my computer. A great image of a time long past.

Auto Inn, Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!!!
They bring back lots of great memories of when I was an OTR truck driver.
I have been over Grapevine (I-5) hundreds of times, back in the 70s & 80s.
I don’t think I was ever over Topanga Canyon Summit, next time I get out to visit my twin brother in Sun City, I will have to go there.

Happy motoring,


That would be an impressive drive today in a Model T to go up that Old Topanga Canyon Road to the summit. This is at the summit looking the same direction as the second great photo posted above.

That photo is NOT the Grapevine! The Grapevine is the section of the old 99, and now I-5 that is between Gorman and Bakersfield. Topanga Canyon is way south of that.