Top Prop Nuts

I read this morning on the MTFCA forum, that 1913 Fords had brass top prop nuts. I believe that statement to be incorrect. In fact no Model T’s ever had a brass top prop nut for any year, except for some of the 1909’s.

Larry I totally agree. Even on accessory tops in 1909 there were only all black nuts in every vintage photo that I see.

Ever since Model T’s have been restored there have been restorers who have the dreaded disease “Brassitis” which causes one to become emotional around shiny brass objects. It is sad to see when someone gets infected with it.

That thread made me go look at my few old pictures on '12 to '14’s and they appear to be painted black.
Love the term…“Brassitis”. You do see it everywhere.
Easy to catch, I guess, and a real cure can be somewhat expensive.

I recently had to install keepers on mine because they keep loosening up, just like my '13 touring. I also found, thanks to a forum member, that Snyders makes those keepers, but FAILED to list them in the Model T section. Don says he will try to do that. Another item on prop nuts. Langs is selling a domed prop nut that is supposed to be a copy of an original. I would like to see a picture of an original prop nut used on T’s made by Ford, because I never seen or heard of one!

Since T’s have become a novelty “toy” to restore, show, take in parades, etc.
(as opposed to original, practical utilitarian use), many have become afflicted
with making them “cutesy” with “bonus” sparkly stuff like brass and acres of
clear-lacquered wood. Not historically correct, in the main, but something
that a lot of latter-day T enthusiasts think is not only fine and dandy, but
something positive.

Prop nuts ?

When I was deployed, I remember hearing stories of guys being sent
to Supply to get 1, 5, 55 gallon drums of “prop wash” for the rotary
aircraft … Prop nuts sound suspiciously similar. :rocket:

I noted in Langs catalog, they have what they claim is a 100% authentic copy of an original, that has more of a domed shape than any I’ve seen. Comments?

I haven’t spoken with Don Lang yet on his new 100% authentic prop nuts, but I don’t think they are probably as domed as he claims. I just went through two dozen NOS prop nut that I have, and not a one of them is as domed as he claims. I also have observed two brass era unrestored cars recently that could have the original prop nuts on them, and they are like the ones I have.