Transmission and Clutch Adjustments

I recently bought a 27 Model T. It appears to be slipping in low gear. Some of it could be me. Is there a starting point. Example. Turn the adjustment all the way in then turn it counter-clockwise 9 full turns. I also read something about removing cotter pins first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The clutch pedal needs to be adjusted so the Low gear position catches just barely above the floor board. Any tighter than that is going to quickly wear out the band. You adjust it by loosening the external lock nut, then tightening the center stud until the pedal adjustment is just above the floor mat when the pedal is stomped hard. You will have to experiment to achieve this, there’s no such thing as what you ask.

It’s important for a new T driver to learn to not “slip” the bands much when starting out. Any slippage results in rapid wear. You will learn quickly that changing the bands is a lengthy job that you won’t like. A controlled “stomp” of the pedal is the best. Braking is nearly non existent in a T, the brakes were made to stop the car with the aid of deep mud and low speeds.