Trouble starting

I have a '23 touring that was converted to a pick-up. It sat for the last 52 years in a “barn”.

With a little TLC it’s now running. However, getting it started is a chore. I have to jack up the rear wheels off the ground and release the parking brake. Then it will start but the rear wheels spin. If I push on the brake pedal or pull on the parking brake the engine drags.

After a few minutes of running (once warmed up) the wheels stop turning and everything is as it should be.

I’ve checked the adjustment on first and can feel when the band engages and releases so I’m sure it’s not the band adjustment being too tight.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

What viscosity oil are you running? I follow Royce’s recommendation and run 5W-30 in my '24 year round. Seems to work fine. Recommendations from others will vary all over the map, so be prepared. :slight_smile:

Since it sat for so long perhaps the 25 discs in the transmission are “gummed up” and stuck together? If so it’s likely that some running will allow the new oil to loosen them up.

Thank you, that makes sense