True-Fire contact information

Does anyone know how to contact True-Fire, I am having a problem starting my '26 touring which has that system installed. I have check the website, but it does not list a phone number or email address. I have tried to call the number listed on my paperwork 203-245-4669 and I get a recording saying that number is no longer in service. I have googled Bittner Engineering LLC, 87 Mungertown Road, Madison, CT 06443 and get no information.

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He’s always been notoriously hard to contact after the point of sale…

I too had trouble with the True Fire itself and getting a response.

I was told that internally there was a fuse that may have blown. At that point I wasn’t worried voiding any warranty so I opened it up and sure enough there was the blown fuse. A new fuse and I was back in business. For a short while.

This time when the unit laid down on me it wasn’t the fuse. Accepting reality I ordered a Texas T distributor and haven’t looked back since.

Tom in Taylor Mill, KY 41015

Thanks to all who took the time to answer with your helpful answers. I bought the car last December with the True-Fire system installed and never had a problem until I installed a new head gasket. Last Sunday a friend stopped by and we check the spark at each plug, 1 & 3 worked fine, but 2 & 4 we had nothing.


Here is the latest information that I have:
I forwarded this info to Ed and he says:

It is unlikely that there’s anything wrong with the True-Fire based on the information you provided. I suspect it may be the contacts inside the coil box.
Remove the plugs from the cylinder head and leave the wires connected, make sure that the plugs are grounded at the thread end. Now, run a jumper wire between the number one terminal (far left upper terminal) and number four terminal (far right upper terminal). The number four terminal is grounded. Make sure you do not touch the high-voltage outputs on the coil box. Plugs one and four should fire when you jump between one and four. Do the same thing from terminal two (to the right of terminal one) to terminal number four. The # two and three plugs should fire. If two and three do not fire there is an issue at the coil box end of the system. The problem most likely is the contacts inside the coil box not touching the true fire system. If two and three do fire there is an issue with the timer or the wires running from the timer to the coil box. If you find this test indicates poor continuity at the contacts in the coil box, go ahead and use an Allen wrench and bend those contacts up trying to arch them so they don’t act like barb’s when you try to remove the coil box module.

Let us know how this goes…

I want to Thank Dana & Ed, for all the help that I have received from them and will try fallowing Ed’s advice as soon as I get a chance to get back out in my garage.

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