TT trucks

What could be better than looking at some photos of wonderful Model TT Ford trucks!!!

Just say “no” to icky old trucks !

If you don’t, soon you’ll have black gunk under your fingernails and be
out wasting otherwise productive time in scenes like this. Don’t say
you weren’t warned.

TT’s are great for subdivision driving! There are many interconnected subdivisions near me which parallel the main roads. These subdivisions have very little traffic and a speed limit of 25 mph. What could be better for a TT? I can drive for hours and only cross main roads, not actually drive down them, so I do not inconvenience anyone. Subdivisions are actually better than back roads for driving from a safety standpoint, plus you get to wave to lots of people!

I bought my truck with long distance road trips in mind. It has been
a couple years now of work to get the truck “up to speed”, but it now
will comfortably run passenger car speeds and with this winter’s aux.
transmission project, the math says it will do 50+. We’ll see …

I left Seattle 20 years ago, after wasting 30 there. If it wasn’t raining,
it was a very old car unfriendly place to be. I sold everything that did
not matter and moved to where subdivisions are rare and scenes like
these plentiful. One of the best decisions I ever made. Only wish I made
it earlier. I encourage everyone to really think about where they live
and what they enjoy most in life. It makes no sense to me to live in a
place that is contrary to my lifestyle.


Beautiful pictures. Perfect model T road. No traffic.

Raoul, great pictures, but you didn’t say where they were taken.

Happy motoring,


The cañon shot is looking north on Hwy 3 as it drops to the Grand Ronde River.
The photo was taken from Oregon, but about 2/3 of the way to the bottom is
the Washington state line. Just a phenomenal drive ! The rolling hills shot is
not too far out of Spokane. For 100 miles scenes like this are everywhere you
look when traveling south of town. The entire region is very early car friendly
this way. Lots of open 2-laners, good dirt roads, and little traffic.

This one is taken along a forgotten stretch of the old Palouse Highway, south
of town. One of the early main routes going due south, it was relegated to
backwater county road status in the 30’s and pretty much looks like it did when
T’s were still being sold new. No ditches, no shoulders, no guard rails. Stupid
drivers can still launch their cars off the cliff at will. It is a beautiful thing. :smiley:
26 Mullan Hill 2015 22 Mar.jpg

Thank you Raoul, for that information, photos and bring back lots of fond memories. I was an OTR truck driver back in the late 70s and 80s and have been all over this beautiful country of ours. Oregon Hwy3 , is that Rattlesnake Grade you were on it certainly is “A Road to Remember”.

Happy motoring,


You nailed it ! You are looking north toward Rattlesnake grade (on the north
side of the river), … sorta follow that road you see disappearing into the
lower reaches of the cañon and curving around to the right. Rattlesnake
grade climbs those distant hills. Steep as hell, lots of hairpin turns and
switchbacks ! … my kind of road !