Upside down horn?

I was watching a video and the horn on this car caught my eye. It looks like a right hand drive car so I think the horn bulb mounted to the steering column but the horn itself looks upside down. It would pass through the same hole I’m sure since the firewalls were made universal for left or right hand drive so I don’t understand why it would be flipped.

I think that is a 1950’s film made to replicate the assembly line. Obviously that car is not representative of a 1914 Model T.

Edit: Here’s a link to the full video. This was done in the mid 1950’s, the cars and parts shown are not necessarily authentic, and the horn position is one of many examples of things being not quite right.

If you want to see an upside down horn, look at almost any 1914 horn, and a few 1913’s too, and they will be upside down.