Welcome to the Model T Ford Fix Website

This is a website devoted to the history, maintenance and repair of the Model T Ford. There is nothing more fun than taking the T out for a drive, enjoying the performance of 100+ year old technology, and hearing the coils click as each cylinder fires. We are here to help! For the first time T owner, or the expert restorer, we will try to offer you content that is interesting and useful. Your T does not need to be a show winner, but we will provide information on authenticity for those trying to make their T correct. For those who like to drive on tours we will show you how to make your T safe and reliable.

We encourage you to participate in the fun! The forums are yours to post anything Model T related. Sorry, if your content has to do with cars powered by non Model T engines we will delete whatever you post. We admire folks who have other types of cars and hope they can find the right website to share their passions.

The site is not affiliated with any club but if you want your club’s contact information listed, please send it to us so that we can post it for all to see. Commercial vendors are welcome to provide links for us to post in the Vendor Links section. Please, if you are a commercial vendor, do not post in the forum classifieds area.