Here is a fine Ford Runabout with a bit of exterior “advertising” on Shorpy today! :sunglasses:

Girls beware!! :astonished:

Maybe we just stopped off for shake or sundae but caught the photographer’s eye!

There was a lot going on “in AND about” this Ford in 1940. :wink:

Here’s the link:

Neat old photo just before WW2.

Such a bad boy, I’d love to see it going around the streets… And I’d love to meet with this “Cicero the Dope”, such a cool name he had lol. God, when I was a kid my grandfather had a 1915 Ford Runabout in his barn, I remember one day we got inside the barn with my little brother and scratched our names on the car. My grandfather went crazy, I can understand him now. Later my uncle sold the car in order to buy apartment in Phuket Thailand.I wonder if our names are still on the car :slight_smile:

Wonderful picture from long ago and Model T years after production stopped. Nasty looking rust hole below the faked door and the typical bent rear fenders from not having a rear bumper for protection. Except for the one bicyclist bracketed in his own “box” it appears to be a deserted town. The overall image presents itself as almost a cross between a Norman Rockwell story laden image and an Edward Hopper lonely disconnected world painting. I guess a late Sunday morning in an almost any town setting. Given the pandemic state of things now going on, this picture gives a relatable feeling comparable to life today. hopefully with the impending lifting of Stay at Home Orders our times will change for the better. Thank you for posting it.