What did Bubba do to my wheels? Model T? Model A?

New member here. Not my first T but this one is more kit than T. Depot Hack that is 26/27 powered. Removed Hack wood for TLC and want to go back as WWI ambulance. It will never be 100 percent accurate, but I’ll get as close as my budget allows. The wire wheels on the Hack will have to go, but I don’t know what else needs to go. Are these Model T wire wheels and hubs? Or are they some sort of Model A conversion? And, how much work would it be to convert back to some sort of wooden wheels? I search briefly for wooden wheels and they appear to be scarce.
So, any direction appreciated. I do have a roadster in the shop with wooden spoke wheels, but I don’t know what would be involved to swap them out. Any help appreciated. First time poster, so I’ll try and do some pics of what I got. Thank you in advance.
Only one pic per post for new members so here is hub and studs.

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But, here is pic of actual wire wheel. Model T? Model A. I thought I read somewhere that there is a way to count the spokes or something to tell the difference.

Pretty sure those are Model T wheels. Compare to this 1928 - 29 Model A wheel.

Note: the number and size of the spokes is identical. The difference is in the hub area.

So, I looked at the wooden spoke wheels and hubs I’ve got on another dornor T that I think is a 1920 and they are smaller drums and external brake shoes. Can I swaap the wheels and hubs out, or am I replacing axles, bearings and a whole mess of stuff? Am I better off trying to locate 11" drum wooden spoke hubs and wheels for the ambulance project?

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Well you can buy new spokes from Langs etc and re-spoke them. Or send them to Stutzmann to be re-spoked.

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I am new on this Forum. Not sure how it works. I have a 1919 Runabout and the steal part of the wheel is loose on the wooden spokes. What is the fix to this problem?