Why I bought a big honkin' sack of Special Kitty for my Fordor T

While draining the oil out of the T, I was using a plastic pan/container that I can legally take to a gas station for disposal (approved containers are a State requirement)
I thought I was doing OK until oil started overflowing the collection pan.
note to self: there is a second plug to unscrew to allow air to escape from the oil reservoir as it fills with oil… SO I spilled a bunch of motor oil.
In the past I’d soak up oil spills with dry sand, but that takes quite awhile to absorb and since I needed to crawl back under to do more work I thought I’d buy some of that faster acting stuff I’ve seen mechanics use.in garages.
That stuff isn’t cheap! :flushed:
A mechanic I know suggested using cat litter for soaking up oil spills, so I went on line looking for a deal on cat litter. I eventually found it---- pure diatomaceous earth sold as
Special Kitty fragrance free Natural clay non-clumping cat litter
25# for $5, 50# for $10 in the pet supply department at Walmart.
I figure I now have a lifetime supply of the stuff! :smiley:

Sounds like the collection pan is tiny or the Model T was overfilled. Your T holds a gallon of oil if dry. Slightly less when doing an oil change. The Ford manual says to elevate the front wheels when changing oil to get most of the oil out of the pan dips.

I read the excellent article and put the front axle on jack stands. So far everything went very well except for the spilled oil. I have a new copper gasket and even a new drain plug since the old one looked like it had been chewed up by a monkey wrench! The diatomaceous kitty litter did a fine job of absorbing the oil.
The “pan” has a drain so the old oil goes into a built in “environmentally approved” container, or so the theory goes, I’m to wipe out the “pan” then cap the container, snap another cap back on the vent hole and take the whole enchilada in for recycling.
It’ll either work, or make a bigger mess, so maybe its good I that I now have so much kitty litter on hand.

Been there, did that…more than once… :laughing: Kitty litter can be your friend!

Sawdust seems to work quite well also.