Winfield Experience?

Anyone have experience setting up a Winfield SR carb?

I have an updraft SR that is going to be used soon on one of my T’s. Looking forward to hearing what others have found with the SR series. I have a earlier Winfield M201A updraft on my '15 that has been amazing to say the least.

I have a 201A and the correct manifold, but my carb is missing the choke. I’m not sure what that is supposed to look like.

There are at least two Winfield 201 choke versions. One with the “ball” silencer, and one without. There may be others, but these are certainly the most often seen.

Here’s the other “ball silencer” version.

Hi there, The Vintage Ford July-August starting pg 37 has the 15 steps required to set up The Model SR
Cheers Pete

SORRY forgot the year. 1986 Pete

Thanks Pete, I’ll look it up. PK