WTB 12 or 13

I am wanting to buy a 1912/13 Model T. I would prefer an unrestored or an unfinished project or maybe an older restoration. I am located in central IL. Thanks, Art

I have decided to sell my 90% complete 1915 Model T delivery car with a Ray Wells body. It is complete except for the Brass/Black Headlights.
It needs the paint on the body touched up and the inside is completely finished and varnished, upholstery complete. It is a 1915 titled great running
with 12/13 rear fenders (flat top) and an original 1912/13 hood without louvers) Not a lot to finish but a wonderful C Cab Delivery. I am going to let it go for what I have in it which is $15,750.00 Thought you might be interested.
Larry LaPatka
Parrottsville, Tennessee
email: ltlapatka@gmail.com

Larry, Thank you for responding but I prefer a 12/13 touring. Art

I have found and purchased a 1911 unfinished project. Art

Congratulations! Can you post some pictures? :slight_smile: