WTB ‘26-‘27 Coil Box/Coils assy

I have purchased my next project, a ‘26 Runabout. Car came to me running with a Distributor/coil conversion. I intend to convert it back to a proper coil box. I am looking for the coil box, covers, harness, and of course coils. I know that I can procure a mix and match of parts, some new, some used from the various vendors and eBay, and have no issue doing that. But it occurs to me that perhaps someone on this board may have previously done a similar conversion and removed/stored the parts that I am looking for. Conversely someone here may be building a speedster and planning to remove their coil box.

If anyone has a complete coil box system and is planning g such a conversion I would be willing to do a swap, my Distributor/coil for your complete coil box.

Note that I have just purchased a new house with a new shop, my Runabout is in storage and it will be a few months before I can move the T and remove my current Distributor, but maybe we can help each other with our spring projects!


Hello, Are you still looking for coils ? I have coils from a 1927 complete with box, brackets. KD coils and commutator cap.