WTB Sediment bulb parts

Looking for the handle, spring and retaining washer for a sediment bulb 2902B. What have you?


My experience; the handle has a tapered shaft that is individually fitted. Apparently Ford varied the specification for the size and degree of taper through the years. I’ve had zero luck swapping in a handle to replace a broken off one. They are always either too deep or not deep enough to work.

Also there are early ones that are all brass / bronze, and later ones that are cast iron but still have a bronze handle. The very earliest ones don’t have a hex shape above the handle. The handles from the early ones don’t come close to working in the late ones and vice versa.

Best of luck, but I recommend finding a whole one that can be used.


I figured that’s probably the case. I have a complete one from the mid 20s (Minus) the handle, and wanted to use it.

I’ll keep looking.

I have been able to repair broken handles. I just drilled a #21 hole where the handle used to be, tapped it #10-32NF, and installed a screw about 1 1/2" long. I even did something similar with a broken off handle hiding the 10-32 screw. You could see just a line where the broken handle met the rest of the handle.