WTB - Steering column with brass case

Hello. I am looking for a complete, serviceable steering column with a brass cover and quadrant. Please email me at drpepper1885@suddenlink.net if you have one available for purchase. Thanks for your help.

Mike Hanson
Kingwood, Texas


What length or year do you need? They changed every year from 1909 - 1914, and different lengths were used in different body styles in some years. The bolt pattern is different for some years, as is the angle that the steering column mounts to the firewall.

Hi Royce,

Thanks for the question. I was not aware of the different lengths used. I see that 1909/10 columns were around 50" long and graduated up to 56" long by 1911/12.

I am building a 1910 tourabout using a Ray Wells body. I am looking for a column that would look appropriate for that body style and period. I am now curious if a 1911-1914 column would work for this application? If I go this route, I wonder if the firewall needs to be changed. The entire drivetrain will be a mixture of later parts. I am not aiming for “correct”, just a nice car to show at local events.

Thanks again,

There are columns from 1913 that have a different bolt pattern for the lower RH bolt that secures the column to the firewall. The 1914 columns have a stamped steel bracket at the base of the tube.

You might think abut converting a 1915 - 25 column to look the part. Just about any column that you buy will need to be restored anyway if you want it to be safe and to look good. By coincidence repair and restoration is the topic of the current article and the next one. But the same steps could be used to swap out the later head for an early riveted gearbox / bearing and quadrant.

Thank you Royce!