New to me Touring car

Hello all. Adding another stallion to the stable in the spring. A 1919 Canadian built Tourer. A 91 year old friend of my Dads decided to sell me his car after I expressed an interest and 31 years of ownership. I am the only other person to drive this car since his purchase. It starts up quickly and runs very nice. I believe that it is mostly a survivor car. Stainless valves were install by the guy he bought it from. That’s the only thing that has been done to the engine. Not a show car, but a good driver. He has agreed to store it for me until the spring to allow me to do some storage modification at my place. Looking forward to spring and more T-ing fun.

Looks like a great car! Some pictures of the interior, axles and engine would be nice. Congratulations!

Thanks Auto_Inn. It’s a solid car that you don’t have to worry about someone leaning against. I have some pictures on my phone, but they’re not very good. Think lighting was a issue. I’m going back to help put it away for the winter and I’ll get some better shots and post them. One thing that it has, from what I’ve been able to find out are H & D cantilever shocks.

What a beauty, I envy you.

Thanks Len. Appreciate the comment. I forgot to take a picture of the engine, but here are a couple more. The car also does not have clincher rims. Any info on these? I though they were all clincher unless you had wires on the later models.

Edit: Did some searching and I’m coming across non-demountable rims. Ok, didn’t know about them. Would someone mind educating me on them. How is a tire changed?

You just leave the wheel on the car and change the tire. It’s actually easy. Looks like a great car from here.

Thanks Auto-Inn. I think it’s a great car also, but it’s also mine. We all like to think what we have is pretty good. Ok…this might sound silly but …change the tire with tire spoons? Similar to modern tires, just leave it on the car? Or at least pop one side off, fix the tube, remove puncture causing item and re-install, again, all with the spoons or tire irons…Yes?!

When I get the car here in the spring, I’ll be able to take some better pictures and post them. I didn’t want to tie up the sellers time.

Royce has some pics on changing a clincher tire here. Model T Ford Forum: Need help or advice for changing a clincher tube

Thanks cudaman. Royce makes it look fairly easy. Hope I never have to do it on the side of the road. :grin:

Already done a small project for the Tourer. When I took it for a drive the seller told me that the threads on the mag post were not good and suggested that I test drive on the battery as it can cut out on mag. So after parking it for the winter, I brought the mag post home to see if I can fix it. If not, purchase a new one. Well, the repair was a success. I was able to get the post chucked in the lathe and running pretty true, so I gently machined off the existing stud.

Then I cleaned up the end so that it was flat and drilled a hole the correct size for a 12-24 tap, and tapped the hole.

Then chucked a small piece of brass rod in the lathe and turned it down so I could run a 12-24 die down the shaft and make a threaded stud.

Then, cut off the excess leaving a shoulder and used the hacksaw to put a slot in the end.

I had pulled the contact spring out before starting all this. Next I put the stud up inside and screwed it in and jammed it against the shoulder. Then cut the stud to an appropriate length, cleaned up the end and installed a new brass nut as the old steel nut that was on it was loose on the stud. Mag post fixed!